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The QuiverGrip Advantage

QuiverGrip was created by surfers to provide a better alternative to surfboard storage. We have all used the old wooden dowel system, or 2x4 racks—but that takes tools, material, time, energy, and often time more space than you can afford to give up. We knew there had to be a better way, and now there is! QuiverGrip is a simple, yet precisely designed, system to replace and improve the storage of your treasured surfboards. QuiverGrip uses just the right amount of compression, coupled with a sure-grip insert pad to hold your board safely and securely. What’s more is that QuiverGrip will hold strong no matter how many times you use it. We know there is nothing worse than a ding in your board, but there are no worries here…QuiverGrip has your back! QuiverGrip truly is a better way…safe, simple, and secure surfboard storage.

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P.O. Box 33086
Indialantic, FL 32903, USA

(321) 216-1157

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